No doubt still the mysteries of Earth are unsolved but there are some amazing and weird places on this planet which are worth a visit. As Earth is big, there are many weird places which are extremely attractive and stunning yet impossible to reach. However, you can find a few classic yet weird places which are easy to reach but are a bit risky.

Interesting Weird Places on Earth

If you like to explore the weird places, then here are some uncanny destinations to add to your travel list:

1. Spotted Lake

The native Okanagan (Syilx) population believes that this saline endorheic alkali lake is sacred. It is located in British Columbia in the northwest of Osoyoos. During the summer season, the most water of this lake evaporates leaving small mineral pools.

Depending on the mineral content, each pool appears in a different color as compared to the next. These pools are mainly composed of magnesium sulfate which in the summer crystallizes in the lake and form natural ‘walkways’ between and around the pools.

 Weird Places On Earth 1

2. Thor’s Well

Also, famous as Spouting Horn. It is a unique and weird site that looks spectacular at high tide or during rough storms. The water violently washes over the huge rocks into the ‘gaping holes’.

Then, with great force, the water shoots upwards creating spectacular views. However, it is a risk-prone weird place to visit.  The whirlpool can sweep you right into it. So, for your own safety, stay well back.

From the Captain Cook Trail, Cape Perpetua Scenic Area visitor center you can view this strange place. Be careful, or the ‘drainpipe of the Pacific’ can swallow you whole!

 Weird Places On Earth 2

3. The Nasca Lines

A series of ancient geoglyphs are located in the Nazca Desert, Peru. It is one of South America’s unsolved mysteries. Visitors can view the animal figures and beautiful geometric shapes from a metal viewing tower set beside the highway. Some shapes are large up to 200m in length.

 Weird Places On Earth 3

4. Fly Geyser

Also, known as the Fly Ranch Geyser. In Hualapai Flat, Fly Geyser is nestled on private land. Though it is not open to the visitors, it is possible to view this amazing beauty from State Route 34. Water spews continuously approximately five feet high.

The geyser has terraces which discharge water into 30 -40 pools. It appears attractive due to the brilliant colors of thermophilic algae.

Fly Geyser

5. Badab-e-Surt

Gorgeous travertine terraces located in northern Iran. Over thousands of years, these natural sites have developed. Travertine terraces are an incredible and strange natural phenomenon. Basically, travertine is a type of limestone.

Carbonate calcium when deposits in the flowing water, it forms travertine. In Badab-e-Surt, there are two hot springs having different mineral properties.


So, pack your bag and explore these stunning yet wired places and satiate the adventurous traveler in you!