The lengthy coastline, calm and breezy beaches, and clear bright skies, Goa provides a thrilling experience for water enthusiasts. Whether you’re a first-timer like me or an expert water adventurist Goan beaches have some water sports for everyone. Try out these amazing water sports and let the adrenaline rush to your nerves.

Sounds exciting??

Here is a list of best water sports in Goa that you shouldn’t miss:

Exhilarating Water Sports In Goa

The scenic land of Goa has much to offer to make your holiday a fun-packed memorable trip for a lifetime. Take a look at what all awaits you at the adventurous land of beaches and know more about the best water sports in Goa.

1. Parasailing

 Parasailing at Goa
Parasailing at Goa

Fly off high into the sky as speedboat tugs you along. You can enjoy the thrill of flying high in the clouds and feel the wind gushing on your face. Parasailing requires you to be air-borne for some minutes.

Enjoy the spectacular sea and aerial views from up above. Believe me, this overwhelming activity is the best thing to do in Goa on a romantic honeymoon or a fun-filled family vacay.

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim, Vagator beaches

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Wear a life jacket while indulging in the water sport. You must wear light and casual clothes to do this sport.

2. Jet Ski

Cherish some thrilling moments as you steer through the waters of the Arabian Sea. The warm sunshine and the gentle breeze in your hair will make your experience a memorable one. I thoroughly enjoyed this popular water sports in Goa, and I definitely recommend you to give it a shot irrespective of your comfort level.

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Calangute, Candolim, Colva, Miramar, Mobor, Rajbaga beaches

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Hire an instructor and follow his advice properly. Wear a life jacket throughout the ride.

3. Banana Tube Boat Ride

Banana Tube Boat Ride
Banana Tube Boat Ride

I was too excited yet terrified to do this sport. The banana is a giant thrilling ride which flips you over in the gushing waves of the ocean. The thought of getting tossed into the middle of the see raises your adrenaline levels.

Sitting on the large inflatable narrowboat and maintaining the balance as the boat glides through the waters is nothing but sheer fun. You must wear shorts and cotton t-shirts for banana rides.

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Calangute, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, Candolim beaches

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Wear a life jacket throughout the banana ride.

4. Bumper Ride

Also known as the Ringo Ride this sport will get you drenched in fun and merriment. In this recreational ride, the participants sit in a circular tube pulled through the waters by a speed boat. You can feel the waves as you tumble in the tube. Exhilarating water adventure is not considered complete without a bumper ride. Riding on the doughnut tubes can leave you aghast.

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Calangute, Miramar, Baga, Vagator, Anjuna, Candolim, Mobor beaches

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Wear a life jacket and safety gear throughout the ride. Stay glued to your place as you enjoy the freshness of the sea.

Here’s my vlog ‘Water Sports in Goa Under ₹2000’ where I have done some of the most thrilling water sports in Goa. For more travel diaries check my YouTube channel ‘Footloose Tribe’.

5. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is quite similar to water skiing, apart from the fact that it involves a single board instead of two. This sport involves great focus, balancing and discipline skills. This is a great fun-grabbing activity on the beaches of Goa.

Wakeboarding in Goa
Wakeboarding in Goa

Adventure Level: Difficult

Where to try? Candolim, Mabor, Rajbaga beaches

Swimming Required? Yes

Tips: Wear a life jacket and pay attention to the instructions from the instructors.

6. Scuba Diving

Explore deep into the gigantic coral reefs and scintillating underwater life in Goa. It’s one of my favorite underwater activities in Goa. This doesn’t mean you plunge directly into the water. You require proper diving gear and training by experienced jumpers on how to explore the submerged world. The beautiful marine life will leave you mesmerized.

Time for some real sea quest!

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Grande Islands, Devagh Island, Pigeon Island, St. George Island, Netrani Islands

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Follow the pre-diving briefings carefully.

7. White Water Rafting

River rafting enables you to enjoy the beautiful vegetation surrounding the river. You feel the rush of cool breeze that gives you a memorable experience for life. White water rafting is a challenging sport. The difficulty levels are based on the water routes one has to travel through. Navigating through tips topsy river in the raft can be quite tricky.

Wear tight clothes and sneakers to give you a firm grip on the voyage.

Adventure Level: Moderate

Where to try? Mhadei, Tilari Rivers

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Wear a life jacket throughout the ride.

8. Flyboarding


How many of you remember Hrithik Roshan splashing out of the waters in the film Bang Bang?

Flyboarding is a pocket-friendly fun sport you can enjoy in Goa. It is a combination of jet-ski and jetpack which send you soaring high above the water. You will be briefed by the instructors. It’s scary and one of the water sports in Goa that pumps your adrenaline levels high and higher.

Adventure Level: Difficult

Where to try? Baina, Morjim beaches

Swimming Required? Yes

Tips: Only for adults with enough water sports experience.

9. Snorkeling

Take a day trip to the Grande Island in Goa for a scintillating underwater experience. Snorkeling requires the participants to wear a legitimate diving gear (a mask and a tube called snorkel). Take a plunge into the depth of the sea and observe the marine life like angelfish, barracudas, batfish, lionfish, snappers, and more underwater wonders.

Adventure Level: Moderate

Where to try? Bat Island and Navy Island situated near Bogmalo, Suzy’s Wreck, Grande Island

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Follow the instructions carefully before you dive.

10. Kayaking


Kayaking is a huge hit amongst most people. It is a fun-filled and easy sport in a uniquely shaped boat that accommodates two people at one time. Paddle along the long mangroves, deep backwaters, thick jungles, pristine beaches, and mini bays while in Goa.

Please note you will be instructed to stay calm and avoid sudden body movement to prevent the kayak from capsizing. If the weather allows kayaking could be an amazing monsoon activity in Goa.

Adventure Level: Easy

Where to try? Dona Paula, Hollant Beach, Palolem Beach

Swimming Required? No

Tips: Always wear a life jacket and avoid Kayaking during rain or when the sea is rough.

I explored some great water sports in Goa and still looking forward to doing the others. I recommend you to add these activities to your wish list while in Goa.

These water sports in Goa are a great way to relax, refresh and reboot.

Leave your comments and experience of various Goa water sports in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear for water sports in Goa?

Wear loose comfortable clothes like shorts, cotton t-shirts, sarongs, sunglasses, etc. when trying out water sports in Goa.

Are water sports open in Goa during the monsoons?

Beach sports are closed during heavy rains. You may enjoy many other water activities and thrilling rides during the monsoon season.

Can I take part in Goa water sports if I cannot swim?

Yes, you can, as many water rides can be done wearing a life jacket. A few activities do require you to know swimming so check with the staff prior to engaging in any water sport.

Which Goa water sports are included in the combo packages available at the beaches?

• Parasailing
• Jet Skiing
• Banana Boat Ride
• Bumper Ride
• Speed Boat Ride

What is the cost of water sports in Goa?

The cost of various water sports in Goa is never constant. The rates of packages vary depending upon the adventure rides you choose. The water sports combo package that I have covered in my vlog can be done under 2k.

What do you recommend if I get seasick on boats?

We recommend you take one Emitin tablet before you indulge in water sports. Consult your local physician before you take a step.

Where can I store my personal belongings when doing water sports?

There are shacks at some beaches which provide lockers. However, we advise you to leave your valuable belonging at home or in your vehicle. Alternatively, you can get them in a water-proof bag along with you.

Can a pregnant lady participate in water sports and tours?

We do not recommend these activities for pregnant women.

Can children participate in water sports in Goa?

No, it’s not safe for the younger kids to do these activities. Go with the advice of the staff as safety comes first.

Which is the best time to enjoy water sports in Goa?

The best time for enjoying water sports in Goa is from October to May when the skies are clear and waters are placid.