Though there are plenty of pristine beaches in India, Karnataka state is a crowd puller. This state is famous for it’s remarkable and gorgeous beaches. With its 320 km extensive coastline, Karnataka is a paradise for the beach as well as nature lovers.

There are countless beaches in this state but Ullal Beach is the most popular one. The clean and tidy long stretch Of Ullal beach attracts the tourists. Besides, the clear water in striking hues of blue and green steal hearts for sure!

Know The Ullal Village

Ullal is a fishing village nestled on the south banks of Nethravathi River. This village is set 12 km from Mangalore. It is one of the oldest towns in India. With splendiferous cathedrals and churches belonging to the 16th Century, this village is in fact a treat to eyes and soul.

These striking archaic swathes bejewel this place. However, the ancient relics from the atavistic period are scattered in this village and the surrounding area. Hence, tourists can visit the ancient heritage and explore the old town.

Crux- Ullal Beach

  • This beach has golden sandy vast expanse.
  • The seashore is clean and tidy.
  • It is a serene and tranquil beach that is perfect for relaxation as well as rejuvenation.
  • Just go and have fun! It is an ideal beach not only sunbathing but also for swimming.
  • Furthermore, on this beach, water games are also available.
  • This is a calm beach, set in 14 acres of exquisite casuarinas groves which offer mind-boggling views, especially sunsets.

Nearby Attractions

Ullal village is blessed with numerous other attractions such as St. Sebastian Church, Somanatheshwara beach, and temple. A historical tour to explore the beautiful monuments is a must thing to do in Ullal.

Moreover, there are other must-visit places such as Queen Abbakka’s Fort at Ranipura and Sri Bhagavati Temple. Tourists can also visit Seyyad Madani dargah, Consider visiting Ullala Adishwara Parthnatha Swamy Basadi as well when in Ullal.

Ullal beach Nearby Attractions


This beach is popular among travelers and there is a generous amount of visitors to this beach.  To accommodate the tourists, several beach resorts and cottages are established along the Ullal beach.

Travelers can choose from plush accommodations to budget hotels. Almost all the accommodation options are surrounded by a splendid arcadia of palms trees.


Hit a restaurant to enjoy the mouthwatering local cuisine. In addition to this, tourists can enjoy national and international cuisines in many restaurants. Ullal beach is heaven for seafood lovers. It is a place to enjoy fresh and tempting seafood.

How To Get There

  • Air: The nearest, Mangalore airport serves the travelers and is located 30 km from Ullal beach.
  • Rail: The nearest one is the Mangalore railway station.
  • Road: Ullal is easily accessible from various cities. Cars or taxis can be hired from Mangalore airport and railway station to reach Ullal. Alternatively, tourists can take the bus from Mangalore.

Ullal beach has miles of golden stretches, crystal clear water, serene atmosphere, historical sites and much more. It is a perfect deSTINATION for an ‘ideal vacation’.