The internet is a wacky place to be. Most of the information floating across the cyberspace is fictional and remotely related to facts and reality. You may have heard may stories since the photos and videos of the two merging oceans have gone viral. The available photographs ostensibly capture the spot where the Baltic Sea and North Sea meet in the Gulf of Alaska but never mix! The sight of differently shaded water meeting and frothing at a point is pretty bewildering. The pictures have proclaimed many questions about this bizarre occurrence.

Scientific Explanation

Kent Smith busted the myths behind this unusual phenomenon that stirred the internet with logical reasoning and scientific backing. To keep it simple, let’s explain what happens here –

The photo actually captures the union of a glacial-melt (light blue in color) and the saline sea water (dark blue hue) and not the two oceans!

During the summers the glacial rivers erode and carry along the glacial flour. The eddies span out and jump into the Gulf of Alaska causing enormous quantities of sediment-rich waters to mix the general ocean waters. These are the two water bodies purportedly captured in the pictures. The density of these waters along with disparity in temperature and salinity of the waters are accountable to keep the waters distinct.

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The claim that these water bodies never meet is a faux. These borders are not static and may disappear eventually depending on the water currents and changes in the sediment levels. However, you must be lucky to visualize these epic moments in time!

Backed with a cool scientific reasoning, these images are actually genuine. But what do we learn from this story? Never believe everything that pops up the net without reasoning and knowing the facts behind it!

The spectacular nature of Gulf of Alaska awaits your splendid visit!