There is a rising trend of females traveling solo and quenching the wanderlust nature. While planning on for a female solo trip one must consider to choose a destination that’s safe and has the traits that a women will enjoy to explore.

Traveling alone is a unique and self-inspiring opportunity to find out the person in you. Take a break and opt to wander alone. While on the journey alone you may meet many people and experience lots of new things that will benefit you in the life thereafter.

Keep your spirits high and scroll down for some outstanding destinations for women traveling alone. We have saved on the best options at the end!! Off you go!!

Destinations For Solo Trip For Females

The Land Of Ice And Fire – Iceland

Iceland has a remarkable landscape to stroll around all by yourself. It is the best location for female solo travelers as it has very low crime rates and thus safe for women.

Solo Trip For Females

With its numerous glaciers and active volcanoes Iceland gives your otherworldly experience that you have never imagined.

The Hawaiian Beauty – Maui

Maui isn’t a typical place that pops your mind when you think of traveling solo. However, for those who need a rush of adrenaline in their life, a solo trip to this countryside island is a must. It also has female centric activities like Maui surfer girls camp, snorkeling, boat rides, hiking and more to make the journey most adventurous.

Solo Trip For Females

Get lost in your old world once you’re amidst the beautiful snow clad mountains and stunning lakes of Switzerland. No wonder why the film DDLJ was shot here. The romantic duo SRK and Kajol played magic on the big screens. Grab yourself some cheese and chocolate and enjoy the swoon-worthy views in Switzerland.

destinations for female

The Relaxing Zone – Bali

Bali is the place with relaxing beaches, temples, hangouts, yoga, affordable food and resorts to chill in. These are a few reasons why women on a solo trip should visit Bali. Soak up in the Balinese culture and forget about being alone!

destinations for female

Shop More And Often – Dubai

Dubai has been the favorite international spot for many travelers. With its huge international connectivity and population the city remains the busiest travel hub round the world. It’s safe for women, however, has a conservative culture so take care to coverup when you are not on the beach. Its a shopping hub for most female travelers. So go Uuuu La Laaaa in Dubai!!

destinations for female

Haven’t been on a solo expedition yet??? Apply for leaves, pack your bags and get set for a lovely and exhilarating experience of solitude and sociability right away!!

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