If you are a travel freak, plan a solo trip!  Spruce up your travel instincts and insights for an enthralling experience. In the midst of our fragmented lives, traveling solo can act like an antidote to find charm within oneself. Finding solitude in ourselves can be a life-changing event. Along with adrenaline kick that solo travels give us, there are a few points to be considered before you plan for an all-alone adventure trip! Few mistakes that one should refrain from while traveling by themselves are highlighted here. Read along and get the most from your solo jaunt.

Solo Travel Mistakes

Traveling With Too Much Baggage

Solo travelers should travel as lightly as possible with minimum of luggage. Lugging yourself with heavy bags can be intense in crowded nooks and corners you go. This might also be a high cost affair at the airline luggage fee counter. So resist the weight trap by carrying only what’s essential and hard to find on the trip.

Destination Check In At Late Hours

Making this mistake can quite often be really unnerving. When you book flights and hotels make sure the arrival time is well before it gets dark and daunting. As you are landing in a new location it is advisable to reach in daylight. Finding accommodation can be easy and in case you are not pleased with them, you have the time to relocate.

Ignoring Your Maps

You have of course planned well before your trip; however, it is important not to miss out on studying the area map of the destination of visit and nearby places. Knowing the directions well will help you navigate with ease around the city. Mark the places that may pose danger and avoid stepping up those parts. Keep yourself updated and safe!

Trusting New Acquaintances

While traveling solo we tend to make new friends, get acquainted with many groups and other travelers. Enjoy discovering new places with strangers but beware! Stay away from those who seem to be over-friendly. Making new friends isn’t bad – just be careful; else you’ll be spiked and looted from all your money and possessions.

Missing On Reservations

Planning is a must while venturing out on your own. Many attractions can make you stand long hours to get a ticket. Thus its best to get online reservations to popular attractions like national parks, museums, planetariums, etc to save on the waiting time. Coz, waiting is so unendurable.

Intoxicating In Public

Getting over intoxicated in public can be expensive or even too dangerous. Many countries have strict laws on public drunkenness. Do not land into problems – keep away from your favorite brews, at least in public.

Running Out Of Cash

Running out of money can be a common problem while traveling. You may not find ATMs or be able to use cards everywhere you go. When you travel solo you don’t want to face any last-minute ditches or seek help from strangers. Hide a $100 bill under your shoe sole; it can be life saving!

Being Out Of Reach

Solo spree is an exhilarating experience of freedom. It’s fun, its promising to expedite on the unknown roads. However, don’t get trapped in that feeling that you stay out of reach. Let someone know about your whereabouts before you leave or when you set out for a voyage. In case of miss-happenings, let some breadcrumbs help to track you back home. Social media can be the best option to tweet your pathways!

Traveling solo rocks! Keep a few thumb rules in mind, avoid common mistakes and have loads of fun on your trip!

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