Many of us have itchy feet and we always want to keep wandering to different places. How do you select your next travel destination? Keep your finger at any place on the globe and you’ll find something interesting and exciting to visit that piece of land or water. If you love adventures traveling solo may be your choice. If not there are many exhilarating options to give you a stunning thrill when you travel. This time we have picked up clean and best scuba diving locations from around the world for you.

Best Scuba Diving Destinations

Exotic beaches and unexplored treasures are awaiting your visit. Some offer big-animal thrills while the others are abundant in reefs and wreck. Choose your favorite dive sites from the below destinations!

Havelock Island, Andaman, India

If you are thinking that scuba diving can be done in a dream location on a foreign land only, you are sadly mistaken. India does have few amazing scuba diving sites that will fascinate you.

The Andaman Islands in India are treasured with some beautiful beaches and breathtaking views. The water life breathes fire inside. You’ll be amazed to see the lovely corals, marine life and Rajan – the ocean swimming elephant of India at the Havelock Island there!

Scuba Diving Destinations That Will Thrill You

Anacapa Island, California

Moving on to other diving sites around the world, you’ll love the Anacapa Island in California. The exquisite beauty underground is jaw-dropping. Beware of the temperature here. The water is very cold even in the summer.

But you have those brilliant wetsuits to get you past the coldness of the water. Explore the cathedral coves here and you many find exotic small shipwrecks, sea lions, giant sea bass, seals and rays underwater.

Shark And Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea

The Egyptian Red Sea has much to offer and many scuba diving sites to impress the wanderlust. You’ll get to witness three dives in one location. The Anemone city, the spectacular shark reef dives and the beautiful wreck of Yolanda.

This is a popular location for drift divers, who start from Anemone city drifting downwards to the shark reef and finally finishing off at the wreck of Yolanda. You may find turtles on your way!

Bonaire, Lesser Antilles, Caribbean

Bonaire is a scuba diving destination that captivates most travelers and divers all around the world. The water body has visibility of 100 feet and the diving sites there is home to more than 469 different species of fishes.

Some of them include seahorses, peacock flounders, blue parrotfish, queen parrotfish, reef squids and plenty of corals waiting to be explored. Salt Pier is the best diving site in Bonaire.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands have many scuba diving sites suitable for beginners and learners. Most sites are less than 80 feet deep here. The string of seven islands here is a lot protected and safe for divers.

There are wrecks like RMS Rhone and Wreck Alley off Cooper Island to explore. Turn the entire expedition into an artifact hunt if you want. You’ll get home many souvenirs from the wrecks. Isn’t the experience worth telling a tale!

Did you choose where are you flying next?

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