We had the opportunity of visiting Naples a few years ago and it was by far the best beach we visited in Florida to date! We traveled a little west from our then current place to experience the sunset on the beach, a phenomenon that we cannot witness on the beaches on the east side of Florida!

I can talk all about the new traveling gang, the food, the endless water play, the gorgeous shell pickings, and the amount of fun we had on a one day trip. But for this moment, I just want to relive that awe-inspiring sunset we witnessed yesterday.

When the sun was about to set, we were at the pier which is built in such a way that the sun sets just in the center of the pier! Soon we realized, we won’t be able to devour the beauty of the sunset from the pier as there were many heads in between blocking our view continuously. So we ran! Ran fast down to the sands, to experience the sunset at a full panoramic canvas from below the pier. It was just a couple of minutes before the sun was going to call it a day and we wanted to make sure that we don’t miss the view.

We reached the beach below just in time and waited for the bright glorious sun to sink in the waters. That handful of moments of the sunset will be etched in my mind FOREVER! The bright sun stealthily falling down from the sky to the waters. The sky painted in hues of so many colors – blue, pink, purple, violet, yellow, white, and black. The rays of the sun seen from within the clouds. The sun, the sky, and the waters in such synchronized harmony. The last few moments when the sun went down were so quick and unbelievable! I felt the time should stop. The moment to be frozen. The grandeur and the elegance of this surreal story to be paused for us to get drunk on the breathtaking piece of nature’s magic!

All the eyes were glued on just one spot and I wondered if all of them are having a stirring feeling deep down their gut? I pondered if all of them are experiencing the glee in their hearts witnessing this unreal canvas? I mused if all of them had that sparkle in their eyes while watching the sun drown? I questioned if all of them felt gratitude in their souls to be alive to see this wonder? Well I don’t know that, but I felt all of it at one time and you can imagine the magnitude of emotions flowing within me in that instant.

Nature never fails to surprise me. However bad a day I might have, at the end of the day nature always comes to rescue. Every element of nature does what it is supposed to do without expecting anything in return. If we cannot learn that from nature, the least we can do is be grateful for it.

Naples will always be a place close to my heart!