We all love to travel. But sometimes our wanderlust goals seem to be on a backburner. It might be because of financial crunch or leave issue. Nevertheless the mind wanders. So we thought of bringing the best 5 movies which will satiate your need of wanderlust.

Let’s dive into these beautiful movie and get lost in wanderlust – 

Encounters at the End of the World

Well Antarctica might seem to be a far fetched destination in your bucket list, but why not? Filmmaker Warner Herzog himself traveled to this world’s southernmost continent and captured its otherworldly serenity and beauty in this documentary. The film focuses on the lives of the scientists who dedicated to learning more about the least-explored continent on earth. Extraordinary imagery makes this documentary a must watch!


If you love exploring culture during your travel, then Samsara is the right movie for you! Samsara is based entirely on the world’s beauty and shot on gorgeous 72mm film. It showcases the diversity of 25 countries and has been shot over nearly five years. Now isn’t that interesting?

Roman Holiday

Chances are that you haven’t watched this classic as yet! Then it is time to break out a bottle of wine and enjoy this quintessential Audrey Hepburn film in all its wanderlust glory. Audrey Hepburn plays a princess who is on a widely-publicized tour of Europe.

She later sneaks out with a charming reporter while in Rome for a perfectly romantic 24 hours. We ensure you that by the end of the movie, you will be dreaming of Italian night outs at a piazza cafe!


This Reese Witherspoon film is based on a memoir and is a true life story. A story of a woman who goes on a solitary wilderness hiking after walking away from her marriage. The movie showcases beautiful landscapes along the Pacific Crest Trail – from Southern California to Washington. A must watch if your feet are etching for a hiking adventure!

Never mind if you can’t travel right away! These movies will definitely make you feel that you have toured the world! And that too from the comfort of your home! Happy touring and satiating your wanderlust.


If Australia is what you are looking for then Tracks is a movie which will suit your wanderlust buds right away. The movie is based on Robyn Davidson, the woman who trekked almost 2,000 miles across the harsh Australian desert.

She did this with her dog and 4 camels. You will get to see glimpses of never seen before Australian landscapes of a little-visited inland. A must watch movie for any adventure lover out there!