Goa is one of the most welcoming and adventurous tourist spots for a wanderlust like me. With the romantic beaches, the lush green surroundings, history and culture, colorful festivals, happening nightlife, and delicious seafood Goa has something for everyone.

Beyond the pristine beaches of Goa, I love to explore the magnificent forts amidst the emerald green fields and picturesque views. I am sure you’ll be mesmerized at the glimpse of the Portuguese constructions in Goa. Delve in the colorful history of Goan forts with me right away.

Forts In Goa For A Historical Exploration

Forts In North Goa

1. Chapora Fort

Also known as the ‘town of Shah’ this fort prominently overlooks the dazzling Vagator Beach, Ozran Beach, Morjim Beach, and the mouth of the Chapora River. You can spot gun ports, arrow slits, and murder holes in the walls of the fort. The fort was established by the ruler of the Bijapur dynasty in the 17th century and later on fell into the hands of Portuguese.

Chapora Fort goa

Presently this favorite evening haunt is in ruins but still worth a visit for patrons. This is one of my favorite spots as Bollywood film ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ was shot here.

  • Location: Chapora Fort Road, North Goa. It is located at a distance of 21.7 kilometres from Panjim and 10 km from the Mapusa market. The fort lies north to the Vagator Beach.
  • What to see: Outer walls of the fort, rampart, fort gate, military barracks, Chapora trail, St. Anthony church, Dil Chahta Hai point, picturesque views of the Arabian Sea.

2. Sinquerim Fort

Built-in the 17th century, the Sinquerim Fort is an augmentation of the Aguada Fort on the lower side. This fort bisects the Sinquerim beach shoreline into two. The fort has beautiful viewpoints that give you a magnificent view of the sea.

It took me around 30-40 minutes from Chapora fort to reach this trilling place. The fort has a circular viewpoint that serves as the reference port for many incoming and outgoing vessels till today. It is a stopover for many crossing ships to stock food and ammunition. You can engage yourself in water sports at the beach. Stay tuned to get more updates about the water sports in Goa in my next post.

  • Location: Candolim, North Goa. The fort is located at a distance of 18 km from Panjim.
  • What to see: The fort viewpoints, picturesque Arabian Sea, Sinquerim Beach, watersports, Dolphin tour.

3. Reis Magos Fort

The next fort that I will take you through is the Reis Magos Fort that lies in Mandovi. The photogenic ambiance of this place gets even better with the beautiful church built near the fort. You’ll need to take a ticket and walk for around 10 minutes to explore the cultural beauty and history of the fort.

A Portuguese Viceroy, Afonso de Noronha constructed this citadel in the 16th century. The magnificent church is built at the merging point of Mandovi River. It the heritage center of Goa and all measures are being taken to preserve its original beauty. The photogenic locate will leave you awe-struck. It is one of the most well-preserved forts of Goa. It is now a prison.

Reis Magos Fort goa

I would recommend you visit the basement of the fort, it consists of a small photo gallery that showcases the history of Goa. Don’t miss it!

  • Location: Verem, Bardez, North Goa. It lies 9.3 km from Panjim.
  • What to See: Spring and church at the base of the fort, scenic views of the Mandovi River.

4. Fort Aguada

After traveling around 20 minutes (9 km) from the Reis Magos fort I reached the Aguada fort. What exciting about this fort?

Fort Aguada was built in the 17th century and is the epitome of Portuguese architecture. It offers a gorgeous sight of the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea. This fort has seen many battles, by the Dutch and the British.

Fort Aguada goa

This fort is shown in many Bollywood movies like Honeymoon Travels, Singh is Bling, Style, etc. The fort and its lighthouse stand like silent sentinels on the Sinquerim beach. It is the first lighthouse in Asia constructed in the year 1864.

  • Location: Aguada Fort Road, Candolim, North Goa. It lies 16.9 km from Panjim and 5.2 km from Candolim beach.
  • What to See: upper and lower fort, four-storeyed lighthouse, deep moat, site of the old cannons, military barrack, panoramic view of the sea and the Mandovi River.

5. Corjuem Fort

It’s time to explore the Corjuem Fort now. Are you ready?

Corjuem Fort is a square-shaped fort that was erected in the year 1705 on the river island of Corjuem. It is a small fort that offers panoramic view of the rivers and lush greenery surrounding the fort. The corners of the fort are fashioned by ramparts and stairs that lead you to the top. Watching the landscapes from here is a breathtaking treat for the eyes.

I took the cable suspension bridge to sail from Aldona to Corjuem to make my trip more fascinating and exciting.

  • Location: Off-Aldona, Corjuem, North Goa. It is approximately 4 km away from the Aldona village.
  • What to See: cable suspension bridge, landscape views of the island, architectural beauty of the fort.

Here is my vlog about the forts I covered in Goa under the series ‘Goa Beyond Beaches’. You can check my channel ‘Footloose Tribe’ for some amazing travel vlogs.

6. Tiracol Fort

Let’s set foot on the Tiracol Fort that lies across the Terekhol River, Querim beach. This is a majestic fort that was a part of the maritime defence of the Portuguese. You can take a ferry ride from Querim beach to reach this fort. The ferry ride to the fort leaves an everlasting imprint on your hearts.

Tiracol Fort

The offbeat location, the lush green surroundings, the panoramic view of the sea and a charming church will take your attention. This fort was built by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle in the 17th century. What remains of the fort is now a heritage hotel and closed for sightseeing. You can catch a glimpse from the outside though.

  • Location: Extreme North Goa. The fort is approximately 48 km from Panjim.
  • What to See: Church of St. Anthony, a memorial to freedom fighters, ramparts, Terekhol River.

7. Nanuz Fort

Nanuz fort, built in the 17th century Shivaji was known to be a prime location during the times of revolts in Goa. The beauty of this place lies in the phenomenal and extremely photogenic environment here. The surroundings are laid with lush green carpets, unique plants and animals. Fort Nanuz is an icon of Indian chivalry in the country.

  • Location: Sattari, North Goa. It is at a distance of 46 km from Panjim.
  • What to See: remains of the fort, visit Valpoi.

Forts In South Goa

8. Cabo de Rama Fort

The Cabo de Rama fort holds a rich legacy of history and mythological importance in Goa. The fort was erected in the 16th century by the Soonda rulers.

Lord Rama and his wife Sita stayed at this place during their 14-year of exile from Ayodhya. The fort is situated on the southern coast of Goa and has tarnished a bit with time. The fort shelters the Church of Santo Antonio and is full of devotees round the year.

Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Location: Canacona, South Goa. It is located 29.3 km from Margao.
  • What to See: St Antonio Church, the statue of the Virgin Mary, bastions, cannons, watchtower, moat.

9. Rachol Fort

This fort is famously known for its waging wars between the Bijapur and Vijaynagar dynasties. The fort is not very impressive in terms of structure but you could click endless photos here to fill your Goa holiday album with memories. The scenic beauty is mesmerizing. A gateway leads to the Rachol Seminary, a popular destination for travel lovers.

  • Location: Rachol, South Goa. It is located around 5 km from Margoa.
  • What to See: scenic viewpoints

10. Mormugao Fort

Situated at the mouth tip of river Zuari, the Mormugao Fort is one of the best-preserved forts of Goa. The fort was built by the Dom Francisco da Gama in 1624 to protect the harbour. The fort consisted of 20 bulwarks, 3 magazines, 1 residence for guards, and 5 jails in addition to a church. It definitely deserves being visited!

Mormugao Fort
  • Location: Mormugao, South Goa. It is located at 9.6 km from Vasco da Gama.
  • What to See: Walls, guns, fort gate with inscriptions, scenic views of the river and the Arabian Sea.

11. Anjediva Fort

Last but not least, my list of forts of Goa includes Anjediva Fort. It is located on the border of Karnataka and Goa. This was built by Portuguese in 16th century. This naval fort present on Anjadip Island is not open for sightseeing.

The fort was taken in by the Indian forces during Goa Freedom Movement in ‘Operation Vijay’.

  • Location: Anjdiv Island, South Goa. It is located at a distance of 73 km from Margoa.
  • What to See: Walls, guns, fort gate with inscriptions, scenic views of the river and the Arabian Sea.

A few of these forts lie in close proximity to each other. So plan your trip accordingly and cover them together. I am overwhelmed by the varied heritage and awe-inspiring chivalry of Indian history. Being in Goa and visiting places beyond beaches has been a dream come true.

How many forts of Goa have you visited? How was your experience?

Drop-in your comments and experience in the comment section below.