Famous as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world, Durdle door is a must visit at least once in a lifetime. Durdle door is a natural arch located exactly on Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England.  This famous arch and a stunning secluded cove attract millions of visitors every year.

The existence of this arch owned previously to the collision of continents which gave birth to the mountain chain, the Alps. Here, the layers exposed in the cliffs tilts steeply towards the north. This interesting fact is most notable with Durdle Door itself and is standing vertically out of the sea.

Durdle Door in England

Fascinating Facts About Durdle Door

Following facts about the beautiful arch will definitely blow your mind:

Name: Durdle is derived from an Old English word-‘thirl’. It means bore or drill.

Dirdale Door: In 1811, on the first Ordnance Survey map, this area was referred as ‘Dirdale Door’.

Owner: The Welds family privately owns the Durdle Door. Along with this striking beauty, the family also owns around 50 km (12,000 acres) of Lulworth Estate in Dorset. Durdle Door is open to the public and at free of cost.

Formation:  This magnificent structure is formed about 140 million years ago. During the course of time, the softer rocks were eroded and the remaining harder limestone was left behind. Thus, the natural arch is created.

Geology: The geology primarily controls Durdle door and the surrounding coastline. The folds, faults, and rock hardness patterns are available for observation of the same.

Man O’ War Bay: It is the small bay located immediately east of Durdle Door.  Here, ‘Man O’War Rocks’, the band of Portland and Purbeck limestone that has not been entirely eroded away are spotted above the waves.

Facts About Durdle Door

Small Islets: The small rocky islets are visible offshore to the west. The eroded limestone outcrop forms a line of islets called as ‘The Bull, The Blind Cow, The Cow, and The Calf’.

Fossils: The round ripple marks are still visible in the rock at the top of the arch. These are the remains of a fossil forest.  In the same way, several dinosaur bones are also found in the area.

Other Facts

Prediction: As per geologists over time the roof of Durdle Door will erode away and it will leave just a stack.

Featured: In several books, poems, videos, and films, Durdle door is featured. Some famous features include- Tears for Fears, Shout, Nanny McPhee, etc.

Slide: The beautiful coastline in this area is a constantly eroding landscape. Hence, the cliffs are subject to rockfalls and landslides. A part of the South West Coast Path is severely destroyed, in April 2013, when the east of Durdle Door experienced a large landslide.

Plan your trip to this scenic place, Durdle Door on Jurassic Coast which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit it particularly considering its erosion.