It’s wedding season and we all know what that means – shopping, card design decisions, shopping, selecting the best pundit, shopping, a thousand drafts of guest lists, and some  more shopping! Life adopts a different color altogether, mostly the reds, oranges and yellows of bridal attire, flower arrangements and big fat laddoos.

It can be agreed upon, that after endless arguments over who gets an invitation, the second biggest problem is deciding a venue. Though most people prefer to get married in the city they live or grew up in (Usually for accessibility as the biggest group of old relatives can be found at these weddings :P), however the modern couple is opting for a less obvious location; what most Indians call “exotic”, or the more preferred phrase, “destination wedding”.

Oh, the ultimate dream, courtesy Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani; an intimate ceremony, just close friends and family. There are the usual haunts – Rajasthan with its royal palaces, Goa with its blue sea, Delhi with its ancient atmosphere. Ideas outside this beautifully decorated box are a little rare. Which is surprising in a greatly endowed nation like our own.

Gorgeous Spots For A Perfect Destination Wedding!


The peaceful green and serenity of Kerala are great factors for a great wedding. The backwaters and beautiful coastline serve up unrivaled views from beach and lake resorts, old heritage buildings and forts. Kovalam is a good place to start, moving on to Munnar and Varkala, all of which might just be the location you’re looking for!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Not just a holiday destination anymore, which actually provides a two-fold benefit! Your guests are treated to a mini vacation while celebrating your non-existent commitment issues on these scenic islands. The feel of being a world away from chaotic city life, watching the large palms sway in the sea breeze and knowing you picked the right venue make for the best wedding experience. The Islands of Havelock and Ross are said to be the best spots to go your rounds and say your vows!


Shimla is the absolutely perfect place for the mountain-loving to-be newlyweds. Oh, to be surrounded by snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas and the cool mountain air carrying the favourite scent of pine, while sealing your commitment to your favourite person! The beauty of nature will only add to what would be a gorgeous wedding ceremony.


Old-schoolers will love this one. Imagine an intimate ceremony on the banks of the holiest river known. The rituals performed by priests embodying religion in the revered temples of said river; convention perfect. The Ganga makes for an unusual and beautifully symbolic location for the beautifully traditional Indian wedding, with a backdrop of mountains, temples and the old soul of India.


Ah, the land of the Nawabs, and the classic pearls. The city houses a number of big historic forts and palaces that give it a pleasantly old feel, as a result making it a great classy destination for couples looking for sophisticated elegance. Bonus points for the decadent Nawabi cuisine that will stay in the memories of your guests’ taste buds for a long time!


What better way to celebrate love, than in the land that hosts an internationally recognized and much loved symbol of just that feeling? The historically alive city of Agra delivers a pleasantly exotic feel when you get a magnificent view of the Taj Mahal while you’re busy marrying Bae. If you come up with this idea first, they will thank you forever!


The many, many colors of Gujarat come together to make for a truly vibrant wedding. The royal atmosphere of its palaces and forts promise the fulfillment of your grand fairy tale dream. Therefore it is a beautiful experience for couples who want to show off the royalty in their hearts!

Happy wedding planning, families!