Dog, the dearest pet for humans. Those who own pet dogs are the only ones who understand the bond they have with their pets. The one big concern of all the pet owners is that they cannot think of traveling as they have their pets. Not everyone knows how to fly with a dog.

They cannot travel leaving behind their pets and if you are also one such a person who is worrying a lot about leaving your four-legged dear family member at home. Don’t worry you can effortlessly take it with you wherever you go.

How can you just leave behind your pet and stay happy during your travel time? To have some enjoyable and fun time during your travel, you should follow these tips.

Many of the airlines have some comprehensive pet-friendly travel policies. If you are lucky enough to find the best travel airlines for you and your pet to travel? Then there are some travel tips for all those pet owners to make their travel with their pets comfortable and happy for both of them.

How To Fly With A Dog Comfortably   

Here are some tips that you should learn to know how to fly with a dog to make your life with your pet easier and happier.

1. Pack Everything Your Dog Needs

Dogs are like little kids in your family and they require all your attention and care. Especially while traveling they require some special care, so you should be ready with all the things that your little friend may need.

Pack everything you think that your pet may need while on travel to make it feel comfortable during that period. Keep enough food, toys ready and within reach to take when needed.

Also, be prepared that your pet may feel some kind of travel anxiety just like humans do and get ready to make it feel comfortable by packing everything it may need.

How To Fly With A Dog

2. Get Its Health Checked

Many of the airlines require pet owners to get a health certificate of their pet before boarding the plane. It is advised for you as well even if your airlines isn’t particular about the certificate, just get the health of your checked up once before your travel begins.

Put the certificates ready with you that you don’t have to rush if in case someone asks for it. The certificate shows that your pup has had all the shots and vaccinations and is perfectly fit to travel in the cabin along with you and the other passengers.

So, health check-up of your do is a must for those flying with a dog in the cabin.

3. Prepare Your Dog

Prepare Your Dog

This is one such a really important thing that every pet owner should take care of. Neglecting this step may turn your travel into a horrifying experience for you and your pet as well.

So, you can try doing some simple things like feeding it properly before boarding and taking it for a long walk on the day of your travel. Things or activities like these will make your pet to feel like having some nap which will be idle for the flight travel.

Follow these simple things and make your long flight with a dog in the cabin a happy experience.

Don’t think dog sedative for flying is compulsory, just use it only when it is required.

How to prepare your dog for a flight in cargo is another type of a thing that pet owners making their pets travel in cargo should concentrate on. Take necessary measures and make the travel time comfortable for the pets.

4. Look For Its Needs

Look For Its Needs

Always have an eye and thought on your pup. You may have potty trained your pet really well but remember the new circumstances and the surroundings may make it feel tensed and the stressed-out environment may worse the situations.

So, take care of your pets needs and make it feel comfortable. Look whether it needs to pee and take it to the restroom.

These simple steps may make your tension about how to fly with a dog free.

5. Find A Pet Carrier That Your Pet Feels Comfortable In

This is another most important thing that every pet owner must consider to take care if they are planning to travel with their pet. Carrying a pet or traveling with a pet is a really great idea but the travel will be more enjoyable and fun only if your pet is comfortable.

To make it feel comfortable, you need to have the perfect pet carrying bag that your pet feels comfortable to stay in. So, choose the best one among the various number of options available and go for the best and the right fit for your dog.

If you are flying with a large dog, then choose the carrier accordingly that both you and your pet are comfortable with.

Find A Pet Carrier

6. Reserve Space For Your Dog

Most of the airlines allow only a certain number of pets in the cabin, so it is advised to call them before. Calling the airlines ahead of your travel and making sure about the space for your dog is definitely a much-required step that you need to go through.

The one special thing that you will have when you are flying with your pup, you will be allowed to board first. Special right!!!

Your hassles and tensions about how to fly with a dog can be ignored.

7. Be Ready To Pay Extra Fees

Pay Extra Fees

If you are planning to travel or fly with your pet, then you should be aware of the flight charges for pets in India. You should be ready to bear the charges that may sometimes feel like really high.

But to keep your pet comfortable and safe while traveling, you don’t have any other options, so just go for it and pay the charges to receive the services.

So, we hope these simple to implement tips will help you in forgetting and getting out of the tensions about how to fly with a dog and make your travel with your dog a nice, comfortable one.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How much does it cost to fly with a dog?

You need to pay $100 to $200 extra each way.

What do I need to fly with my dog?

Mainly you need to carry medical certificates if you are flying with your dog.

Is it safe for my dog to fly?

It is safe for a dog to fly. However pets are required to have health certificate to fly.

What size dog can fly in cabin?

The size and weight can vary from flight to flight but mostly in some flights your dog and your carrier cannot weigh more than 20 pounds.

What is the cheapest airline to fly with a dog?

The southwest airline is the cheapest airline if you need to take your dog along with you.
It charges 95$ only.