Can’t afford to live in Washington DC or New York City? Which is the best state to find affordable housing options? Affordability indicates a high quality of life with a low cost of living. Check out the cheapest places to live in Florida below.

Is moving to Florida a good idea?

Warm weather, stunning landscapes, clear water beaches, no income tax state and much more gives you all the reasons to move to Florida. The state has a diverse population with hospitable communities and interesting attractions to visit.

Cheapest Places To Live In Florida 2020

Here are 15 most affordable cities in Florida will steal your heart.

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1. Fort Meade

Median home price: $74,800

Planning to move to the Sunshine State, Florida? Fort Meade is a little city in Polk County, Central Florida which has low median home prices to consider. It is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida in 2020. The city has great job opportunities and a strong economy. Fort Meade is famous for outdoor recreation activities like canoeing and kayaking. This place is home to several historic buildings worth visiting. You can wind down after long working hours to pay for the low cost of living here.

2. Kissimmee

Median home price: $217,500

Kissimmee is much more than a vacation destination for the residents here. It is located around 22 miles south of Walt Disney. Affordable housing, great outdoor recreation, entertainment, plenty of wine and dine options and picturesque landscapes make this city a great option to live in. The residents live a healthy life with good schools and colleges in the proximity. Due to its proximity to Orlando, this city attracts visitors and tourists around the year. The city has major roadways connecting to big cities across the state, making commuting easier. Bonus!


3. Quincy

Median home price: $91,900

Quincy is truly hip as its name. It is an affordable place to live in Florida. This little city lies in Gadsden County in the rolling hills of northern Florida and ranks for its diversity and affordability. It was once known as a tobacco manufacturing hub. Quincy is a hub of art and culture and has several historic buildings to watch. The Gadsden Arts Center, Leaf Theater, The Golf Club of Quincy, and North Florida Research and Education center are home to this little city.

4. Macclenny

Median home price: $122,800

If you have visited Macclenny, Florida you will feel a ‘wow’ about it. Macclenny is a stunning and lesser-explored tourist destination. It is a city in the Bakers County in north-central Florida and lies 6 miles close to the Florida-Georgia border. It is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida in 2020. The small city has some interesting outdoor recreation to enjoy. The beautiful coastal beaches are just a short drive away. It offers great deals for housing options and relaxed cost of living.

5. Palm Coast

Median home price: $213,400

With affordable median home prices and good income ratio, Palm Coast is a stunning location in Florida. It is speckled with magnificent landscapes, mountain trails and colorful wildlife. Palm coast lies in northeastern Flagler County. Look no further for a peaceful community, beautiful waterfronts, a quiet and affordable home base, and cost-effective living in Palm Coast. It is a great place for you to retire and find tranquility. So, pack up you family camper and set your foot in Palm Coast.

6. Cape Coral

Median home price: $227,800

Cape Coral is nicknamed as the ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ with 400 miles of canals. It is included in our list of affordable cities in Florida and is one of the cities with maximum number of canals. Beautiful water clad areas and scenic magnificence mesmerize the residents and tourists here. Across the Caloosahatchee River lies Fort Meyers which is a hub for fishing and boating. It is the most common occupation of this Cape Coral. It is a place to be in if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

Cape coral_Florida

7. Live Oak

Median home price: $88,700

Located in northern Florida, Live Oak is next on our list of the cheapest places to live in Florida. The intersection of Alligator HWY 90 and Alligator HWY 129 is where this small town is situated. Its economy is boasts of technology, agriculture, and timber industries (moving in the upward direction). It is a perfect locale to move to Florida. Live Oak has a caring community that lives a healthy lifestyle. The crime rate is lower in Live Oak as compared to other bigger cities in Florida.

8. Bartow

Median home price: $121,600

Also known as the ‘City of Oaks and Azaleas’, Bartow is one of the most affordable cities to live in citrus-land. It is located near to Lake Hancock, between Tampa and Orlando. The city has a good home value to income ratio if you’re looking for an affordable city to relocate in Florida. It has great job opportunities and has a well-connected transport system that take residents and workers to all major cities of the state. It has many family-owned antique shops, historic courthouse, Genealogical Library, and Polk County Museum of Art. This city also houses Blooming Arts Festival every year.

9. Palm Bay

Median home price: $189,860

This Florida city is popular for its sabal palm trees. It was originally named Tillman and later changed to Palm Bay in 1920. Palm bay anchors a large area of picturesque barrier islands, and coastal communities. Telecommunications and technology are the booming industries in this locale of the Sunshine State. With average home prices this is an affordable place to live in America. If you’re a beach lover, you are lucky to own a house in Palm Bay.

10. Gainesville

Median home price: $185,000

The University of Florida is one of the largest universities located in Gainesville. The landscapes are covered with a dense and diverse array of trees and thus is nicknamed as the ‘Tree City’ in USA. Gainesville has seen a continuous growth in economy and has the best schooling in the state. It has museums, theater, and other historical attractions like Ginnie Springs worth visiting in this city. The best part? Offering all the necessary amenities for a low cost of living this city doesn’t break the bank with its reasonable median home price.


11. Orlando

Median home price: $233,100

Here are the reasons you must think seriously about moving to Orlando, Florida – you like warm weather, you’re a golfer, or you like an active and athletic lifestyle. Orlando is christened as the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World’. It is fueled by the tourism industry and has many fun things to do. The city boasts a wide range of theme parks (Walt Disney World being our favorite), concerts and music, farmers markets, and adventure activities. It is the city of hospitality and extends services that suit every budget. With an excellent education system, leisure activities, and easy transportation, Orlando is the best place to own a home.

12. Okeechobee

Median home price: $146,883

Southern Florida has many big cities, but it might be hard on your wallets to buy a home anywhere there. However, one city that breaks this rule is Okeechobee. The little city makes it on our list of the cheapest places to live in Florida this year. Job opportunities are skyrocketing in this city. Manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare sectors are booming right now. You can easily grab a household median income up to $40K/year in Okeechobee. Wow! The unemployment rate here is very low (3.9%) as compared to the national average.

13. Port Orange

Median home price: $240,959

Port Orange is located close to beaches (just 6 miles away from Daytona Beach). The cost of living and housing cost is lower than the national average in this city. The city is home to many beaches, golf courses, botanical gardens, and the Dunlawton Sugar Mill ruins. Healthcare, government, and education are the large sectors for employment here. The education system in Port Orange includes many elementary and high schools. Its violent crime rate is 80% lower that Florida’s average; this makes it the best and affordable place to live in the Sunshine State.

14. Valparaiso

Median home price: $238,517

Located along the Panhandle coast has a smaller community with a healthy living. The median home price and cost of living is well below the national average. Thus, Valparaiso bags its place in our top 15 cheapest places to live in Florida. The small town is home to historical Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida. Residents can enjoy many outdoor activities like boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and other adventure sports. Wonderful open parks are a bliss to this town. Among the hustle and bustle of the state this town is just a charmer.

15. Edgewater

Median home price: $194,119

Edgewater is a small town situated along the Indian River and next to Mosquito Lagoon. The ocean beaches are a short drive away and Orlando is an hour by car. This facilitates the residents to indulge in many outdoor fun activities. Homes are inexpensive in Edgewater. Winters are perfect for vacation homes in this town. The Rotary Park shaded by beautiful oak trees, prehistoric archaeological sites, and George R. Kennedy Memorial Park (a hotspot for fishing enthusiasts) will keep you entertained.

Edgewater_cheapest places to live in Florida
Image courtesy: The Crazy Tourist

Ready to pack you bags and move to Florida?

If you already stay in Florida, do comment on which city you live in. We would love to hear your stories about the Sunshine state!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheap to live in Florida?

Many towns and cities in Florida are listed as affordable options for homeowners. They have lower median home prices than the national average. Thus, moving to Florida can be a cheap affair.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Florida?

An adult with a living wage of $12.39 can live comfortably in the Sunshine State.

What is the safest beach in Florida?

The Satellite Beach that lies towards the south of Florida is the safest beach city.

What is the cheapest city to live in?

Analysis of housing cost, grocery items, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous amenities suggests that the Texas city of Harlingen was the cheapest city to live in.