Colorado is known for its spectacular mountain terrains, ski towns, and progressive thinking. The Mountain State has many good options for an affordable stay and reasonable cost of living. However, there are cities with skyrocketing prices of real estate. Let’s look at the cheapest places to live in Colorado that can make your next dream home.


15 Cheapest Places To Live In Colorado (For Those Who Can’t Afford Denver)

1. Fort Collins

Median home price: $413,108

Fort Collins in northern Colorado is one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado due to its strong business community, digital health startups, and technological support to the city. It is home to Colorado State University and other educational institutes that offer quality education to its citizens. The biological science programs offered are popular there. Colorado has a booming brewing industry too. With a plethora of outdoor leisure opportunities that include backyard reservoirs, climbing, camping, hiking, biking, white-water rafting, and kayaking most of the citizens here maintain a healthy and active Colorado lifestyle.


2. Arvada

Median home price: $442,674

Arvada is one of the coolest and cheapest suburbs to live in America. The city has a network of astounding trails for outdoor enthusiasts, a historic downtown bustling with a lush farmers market, music and concerts, plus a majestic art scene due to the Arvada Center of Arts and Humanities. Arvada is around 12 miles from Denver and is connected to downtown by rail transport. Its proximity to the mountain ranges has been popular among the citizens. The city is thus known as the “Gateway to the Rockies”. Saturday mornings can be fun at The Cereal Box, where you can try binging over 120 varieties cereal from around the world.

3. Brush

Median home price: $130,000

If you’re looking for affordable places to live in Colorado, Brush can be on your list. On the outskirts of Fort Morgan, this small town is only one and a half hours away from Denver. It lies near the Denver International Airport. Brush is a charming downtown with a long history of agronomy, and a picturesque landscape that attracts many residents. The town is also popular for the amateur festivals held in July, a tourist from across the state flock here.

4. Firestone

Median home price: $429,720

Firestone is quite a haven for its residents. It is an affordable place to live in America where you can set back from the hustle and bustle of the Front Range. This small city is nestled outside the Boulder-Denver metro zone. Its lauded for its open spaces, picturesque views and unobstructed mountain ranges. Transportation to major parts of the state is a breeze here. This affordable, safe for the family community has adventurous tracks, sports complex and much more for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

5. Loveland

Median home price: $369,336

Also known as the Sweetheart City, Loveland is one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado, the Mountain State of USA. It lies 30 minutes south of Fort Collins and enjoys good summer days in a year. The city hosts a Sweetheart Festival that focuses on its rich history and celebrates Valentine’s day like a badass. Loveland is an open playground for adventure freaks, popular for its fly fishing, long biking trails, and golf courses. It is a triangle between three popular universities namely, the University of Northern Colorado, the University of Colorado, and the Colorado State University.

cheapest places to live in Colorado_Loveland
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6. Thornton

Median home price: $208,300

Located 10 miles northeast of Denver, Thornton is the sixth-most populous city in Colorado. The city boasts nearly 1000 acres of developed parks, recreation centers and large open spaces. Thornton hosts three festivals a year which are popular for their music and entertainment across America. The demand for housing and office spaces is on the rise in this city. The residents live a healthy lifestyle here.

7. Longmont

Median home price: $409,384

Though the median home prices in the Boulder County soar high above $500,000, Longmont is one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado on our list. It lies south of Boulder-Denver and boasts its large spans of open spaces and parks. Longmont has a cute and eclectic mix of events and cultural attractions. It has various music venues, art galleries, breweries, skydiving centers, gaming arcades, restaurants, and shops to chill out.

8. Grand Junction

Median home price: $262,124

Colorado is a state with many breweries and wineries; Grand Junction on the Western Slope has many tasting rooms where the perfect climate produces some delicious grapes. It is one of the cheapest places to live in Colorado and is also known for its outdoor activities. Hit this destination and view the exemplary red rock canyons where outdoor fun activities like hiking, camping, mountain biking, and water rafting can be enjoyed. You can also find bighorn sheep and eagles here. Education and healthcare system is an important backbone of this area.

9. Aurora

Median home price: $353,848

Aurora is home to many employers that create good job opportunities. It is host to the Buckley Air Force Base and University of Colorado’s medical campus. It has a well-connected transport facility and is near the Denver International Airport which connects to 215 destinations across the world. Taking a house in Aurora means you no longer need to go to neighboring Denver for a night out. The Stanley Marketplace is food-centric, has fitness studios and shops that turn this city into a hip destination.

10. Fort Morgan

Median home price: $220,919

Fort Morgan lies just next to Brush. The agricultural town is often underrated and overlooks by people. It is located along the old Overland Trail. This town is a home-run municipality with loads of job opportunities in vibrant sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and city government. You can enjoy activities like fishing and other water sports without having to burn a hole in your pocket. The crime rate is extremely low here and if you’re looking for a city that values progress, look no further than Fort Morgan.

Fort Morgan_Colorado
Image courtesy: Evergreen Skateparks

11. Craig

Median home price: $162,800

This northwestern town in Colorado state has beautiful summers to enjoy and chilly winter just like Alaska. Craig has good terrain for fishermen and support hunter from over the world. The gentle rolling hills and rocky mountain slope doesn’t allow much farming, but the town runs local businesses and restaurants. It is an affordable place to live in America and the housing market is cooling a bit this year – the best time to buy a home!

12. Westminster

Median home price: $392,318

Westminster is a suburban city located a few minutes northwest of Denver. It is a family-oriented community that offers a great opportunity for shopping and dine outs. It has a well-connected railway track that is capable of zipping passengers to Denver in 10 minutes. There is plenty of things to do in this city. From shopping at The Westminster Promenade to brunching at the Snooze, from boating and fishing to mountain biking, and from walking among flitting butterflies to relaxing at the picturesque open spaces you can have a hearty time.

13. Trinidad

Median home price: $130,263

Trinidad is on our list of the most affordable city in Colorado. This city is unique and interesting than the rest of the state. It is located on the historic Santa Fe Trail and is close to the Mexican border. This city features an eclectic and family-oriented community. You can plan to spend some leisure time at the Trinidad Lake State Park fishing or camping or explore the mountain ranges and ski terrain around. Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes and New Mexico’s Capulin Volcanoes lie in proximity. Job opportunities rely on tourism and cannabis industries here.

14. Pueblo

Median home price: $194,610

The small town of Pueblo is popular for its green chilly farms and authentic Mexican food. It lies in the southern part of Colorado at the confluence of the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek. There are many schools in this town with the best education facilities. It is one of the largest steel-producing areas in the United States. Residents can enjoy late summer events and festivals here. The cost of living, housing, utilities, healthcare, goods and services, and transportation is much lower than the national average.

15. Lakewood

Median home price: $436,476

Lake is located in the west of downtown Denver and is the fifth most populous city in the Colorado State. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre – an open movie ground cradled by crimson rocks – is close by. Lakewood offers great shopping sprees at the massive Colorado Mills mall to Belmar shops and restaurants. Lakewood is also home to Colorado Christian University and has many good schools around. Intercity and local transport via light rail is just a breeze here.

cheapest places to live in Colorado_Lakewood
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is moving to Colorado a good idea?

Colorado is a family-oriented state with young and educated people. It features various job opportunities and is a good place to make your living here.

What jobs are in demand in Colorado?

These are the most in-demand jobs in Colorado State – nurses, physicians, software engineers, database administrators, teachers, and physical therapists.

Is it cheap to live in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado is the best state for people looking for inexpensive housing, good education, progressive job opportunities, and some rocky mountain fun.

Are there grizzly bears in Colorado?

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado used to be home to grizzly bears, but the current government data shows that these species are extinct from Colorado since 1953.