Thinking of living in California? Rightly nicknamed, the Golden State of the USA, California is the land of dreams. With its massive coastline, mountain ranges, Yosemite National Park, dense forests, great climate, and a laid back lifestyle, California is one of the best places to live in America. But following your dream to settle in this state can cost a fortune. It is one of the most expensive states to live in the country. So if you’re on a budget, watch out for every penny and check these cheapest places to live in California.

Cheapest Places To Live In California

10 Cheapest Places To Live In California

1. Oxnard

Median home price: $535,609

Want beachfront living at an affordable price? Oxnard offers you a stay at the beach without burning your pockets. It is one of the cheapest places to live in California. Located about an hour north of Los Angeles, this city is popular for fertile agricultural land in the surroundings. Wineries, golf, and Mandalay Beach are all famous spots in Oxnard. It is also famous for the California Strawberry Festival held here every year. You can enjoy various activities like surfing and kayaking on the beach here.

2. Eureka

Median home price: $318,242

Eureka is a small town in California. It is located just a few hours south of the Oregon border. This place is situated on the coastline, surrounded by forests making it a beautiful and quaint place to live in. If you’re looking to relocate to California but without the price tag, Eureka is your bid. You will find historic Victorian buildings in the center of Eureka – “Old Town”. The job opportunities are on the slim side with maximum jobs in the tourism or health care sector.  

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3. Clovis

Median home price: $383,985

Clovis is the best place to obtain local produce in California. It is a largely agricultural city near the Fresno metropolitan area. While small cities around the metros struggle with higher crime rates, Clovis is a city with comparatively lesser crimes. With a population of 102,000 people, this place is located smack dab in the center of the Golden State. It also has low median home prices making it one of the most affordable California cities.

4. Imperial

Median home price: $212,260

Imperial is a vibrant place located in a desert valley near the Salton Sea. It is just two hours away from San Diego. Residents of this quaint city love to engage in outdoor adventure activities like riding dune buggies, camping, and golfing. This city in California inhabits various species of birds and offers great sight for bird watchers. The warm weather makes this city comfortable and has affordable housing options.

5. Vacaville

Median home price: $494,058

Vacaville is a quiet city with a population of 110,000 people who relish and enjoy many festivals all year round. It is located between the Sacramento Valley and the Bay Area. Residents celebrate the Fiesta Days, a popular family-friendly holiday of fun and frolic. Vacaville is a short drive from San Francisco, thus making a great retreat from urban life. The cost of living in Vacaville is much lower than in the metro cities.

Vacaville Cheapest Places To Live In California
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6. Redlands

Median home price: $470,344

Redlands is nicknamed the heart of the ‘Inland Empire’. It is situated less than two hours from Los Angeles. This enthusiastic community of this city engages itself in various outdoor activities. Redlands’ favorite spots are the outdoor amphitheater, killer breweries, national parks, and mountains. It has amazing hiking trails for tourists and locals. With a local University in this city, job opportunities in the education field bloom here. It’s easy to raise a family here.

7. Temecula

Median home price: $531,431

Another town nestled between San Diego and Los Angeles is Temecula. This city is popular amongst wine lovers. With over 40 wineries, the largest casino in California, and multiple golf courses, Temecula is one of the favorite destinations for tourists and locals. Locals relish the fresh produce from the farmers market and downtown area. Tourism is the major source of income in this city of California.

8. Chico

Median home price: $399,562

Chico is the hometown of Chico State University. This college town is situated90 miles north of Sacramento. It is a beautiful place that boasts great weather, a busy city center, and nearby hiking trails. The Sierra Nevada, the largest craft brewer in America is based in Chico. In addition to education, jobs in the healthcare sector are prevalent here. With a population of 90,660, it is one of the affordable places to live in the state.

9. Livingston

Median home price: $297,092

If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle this is the place to be. Away from the hush of cities, Livingston is located at the heart of Central Valley in California. Residents travel to nearby urban places for other shopping and entertainment facilities. This small town has a low crime rate. With real estate on the boom, Livingston is the place to be. The annual harvest Sweet Potato Festival is also celebrated here.

10. Perris

Median home price: $363,066

Perris is a city close to the theme park, Disneyland but is far enough from what feels like a crowded tourist spot. Being one of the fastest-growing parts of Southern California, Perris has a comfortable standard of living. Perris offers plenty of shopping options and affordable homes in California. For outdoor enthusiasts, this city has extensive hiking trails, Lake Perris, and skydiving spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What area has the lowest cost of living?

Wichita Falls, Texas, was named the city with the lowest cost of living in the United States.

What’s the most dangerous city in California?

The top 3 most dangerous cities in California are:
• Emeryville
• Oakland
• Commerce

What is middle-class income in California?

If your household income is $77,806.00, it is regarded as a middle-class income in California.

Why is California so expensive?

California’s topography nears the coat making it an expensive affair for housing companies than most other places in the US. The construction and labor costs are higher here. Also, the outlay of raw materials in the Golden State has been rising over the past decade and is much higher than in other parts of the country.