Have you noticed that many of your travel photos leave a lot to be desired? The quality in some may be questionable, while others may look very generic and not at all unique.

If you want to start to capture more compelling and impressive travel photos, there are actually 4 simple ways that you can go about it:

Simple Ways to take good travel Photos

1. Make it a point to shoot during the golden hour

Ideally, you should try to arrange your travel itinerary so that you have the opportunity to capture outdoor photos during the golden hour – i.e. the hour right after dawn or right before sunset. The exact time can vary, so be sure to look up the golden hour online based on the location you’re going to be.

take good travel Photos

During the golden hour, the light will be soft, warm, and directional – which is perfect for photography in general. The sky will look spectacular as well, making it a great addition to your photos.

2. Get up close

Sprawling landscapes are all well and good, but getting up close to an interesting subject and revealing the detail in them can make for truly compelling photos. If you want you could even fill the frame with the subject to make it truly the centre of attention.

Capture More Compelling Travel Photos

As a rule, you should always try to move physically closer to the subject when you shoot your photos or use a telephoto zoom lens if you have one. Try to avoid using the digital zoom on your camera, as that won’t really reveal more detail and will affect the quality of the photo.

3. Apply the rule of thirds

To make the composition of your travel photos more appealing it is easiest to use the rule of thirds. All you need to do is turn on the grid on your camera and use it to position the subject and other elements that are in the shot.

By positioning elements with the rule of thirds, you’ll end up with a more balanced shot that looks stable. On top of that, the subject will be slightly off-centre which should make it more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Focus on the story

The most compelling travel photos use visual storytelling to give themselves an emotional depth that normal photos do not have. When you capture photos you should try to focus on the story that is behind them as well, and try to capture elements of it in your shot.

Think about what is happening in the photo, who it affects, where it is taking place, why it is happening, and what happens next. If you can capture that in your travel photos, you should have the makings of a solid narrative.

Simple Ways to Capture More Compelling Travel Photos

Be sure to use the ways listed above the next time you’re travelling, and see for yourself the impact they have on your photos. Don’t expect your photos to be ‘picture perfect’ however, and be prepared for the fact that you may have to edit and tweak them slightly.

One good option to do that is to use the Movavi Photo Editor Free version. As a free photo editor, it won’t cost a thing, and yet it can help you to improve your travel photos by cropping, flipping, rotating, or straightening the horizon. If you want you can even insert other images and stickers using it.

At the end of the day the more you practice using the methods listed above, the better your travel photos will be. In fact, you may not even want to wait for your next trip and could start practicing your technique right now.