“OOOOOOAAAAAAAWWWWWWEEEEEEEOOOOOO.” Are you ready for some thrilling adventure? Love those butterflies in your stomach? Want to let out your inner daring kid? Have you had enough of the simple world and want some action? If that’s what you feel let’s look at the world from a different angle, a different perspective. Surmount the fear of heights and embrace some adventure at these spots for bungee jumping in India.

We hope all of us have seen bungee jumping at least on our television screens and wowed much time (if not done it in reality). Now it’s the time to push yourselves in achieving this goal. Straddle yourself to the harness, close your eyes, and just jump! Whoooooop!

If you prefer hunting for adventure sports and satisfy your adrenaline rush, look no further than bungee jumping. Our country has many amazing landscapes suitable for various adventure activities. From water sports to cable car to bungee jumping, India has it all. Bungee jumping is the most exciting sport which you will do after sweating out your guts in fear. Falling from a hot air balloon or a helicopter or a tall building will freak you out. But once you overcome your fear and leap, you become a lion and will want to plunge over and over again.

All this is possible with correct safety measures and equipment. The bungee jumping experience might be short-lived, but the thrill and excitement linger on for days in your memory.

6 Destinations For Bungee Jumping In India

There are many locations across the world, famous for adventure sports, especially bungee jumping. If you can’t afford an international trip, you’ll be amazed to know there are some thrilling bungee jumping destinations in India too. We have collated a list of top 6 spots of bungee jumping in India.

Check them out here:

  • Rishikesh
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Lonavala
  • Goa
  • Jagdalpur

1. Jumpin Heights In Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is famous for its adventure sports. It is also known as the ‘Adventure Capital of India’. One of the best quests here is bungee jumping. Feel the gush of the winds, your pumping heart, and screaming lungs while you plunge from the cliffs into emerald greenery. Rishikesh is the highest bungee jumping spot in India.

Located in Mohan Chatti this small town of Dehradun is the only place in India where bungee jumping can be done from a fixed platform. At Jumpin Heights, the cantilever platform is built at the height of 83 meters over a rocky cliff surrounded by lush green landscapes. This place is known for its safety measures and skilled staff.

Location: Jumpin Heights, Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹3550 inclusive of GST

Height Of Bungee Jump: 83 meters

Minimum Age: 12 years

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Image courtesy: Rishikesh Tourism

2. Wanderlust In Saket, New Delhi

Planning to travel to Delhi this vacation? Or you have to attend a meeting in Delhi and can spare a day to satisfy your itchy foot? What can you do? Do you love adventures? Why not try bungee jumping, a sport attempted and accomplished by the brave and gallant.  Wanderlust, an adventure sports company in Saket, New Delhi offers amazing activities like bungee jumping, zipline, flying fox, paintball, free-fall, and more.

Head straight to The Garden of Five Senses where the adventure company has hurled its bungee jumping equipment to provide the best adrenaline boost and goodies in the capital city. They have equipment imported from Japan and the staff is trained in Germany to give you the best safety measures. The crane is located at a height of approximately 52 meters above the ground level and you take a leap of faith towards the scenic green terrains.

Location: Wanderlust Xtreme Adventures, New Delhi

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹3000 inclusive of GST

Height Of Bungee Jump: 52 meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Best Time To Visit: October to March

3. Ozone Adventures In Bangalore, Karnataka

Next on our list of spots of bungee jumping in India is Ozone Adventures at Bangalore. Operated from the height of 80 feet above ground level, unlike the other bungee destination in India, there is no fixed jumping platform. Though the management and highly skilled staff take the utmost safety precautions and measures for a safe jump; be warned, be careful!

Giving in to the moderate height of the jumping locale this experience might not be as thrilling as the one in Rishikesh. But the fact and extra danger of plunging from the crane can freak you out. It’s a great adrenaline-pumping activity for adventure enthusiasts. Ozone tops the charts of non-fixed bungee jumping in India.

Location: Ozone Adventures, St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹400 inclusive of GST

Height Of Bungee Jump: 25 meters platform suspended from a 40-meter high crane

Minimum Age: 18 years

Best Time To Visit: October – February

4. Della Adventures In Lonavala, Maharashtra

You may have trekked this beautiful hill-scape on the outskirts of Pune. If not it time to add this scenic place to your bucket list. Lonavala is also an ideal bungee jumping destination in India. Reach to Della Adventures (popular amongst adrenaline loving folks). The spot lies close to Mumbai and Pune, located halfway between the two cities in Maharashtra. 

The jumping equipment is pitched at a height of 45 meters and the jump lasts for about 4-6 minutes. Wow! The experienced staff will take you through a complete set of instructions and the safety measures to follow during the jump. The thrilling adventure will leave you awe-struck, and you’ll want more of the adrenaline rush down your veins. You also get a certificate of overcoming your fears. Cool!

Location: Della Adventures, Kunegaon, Lonavala

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹1500

Height Of Bungee Jump: 45 meters

Minimum Age: 10 years

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

bungee jumping lonavala
Image courtesy: Coupon Dunia

5. Gravity Adventure Zone In Anjuna Beach, Goa

Goa – the land of pristine beaches is all about relaxation and adventure. Apart from the thrilling watersports, Goa also offers Bungee jumping activity at the Anjuna Beach. With lots of preparation (mental and physical), the quest leaves a lifetime impression in your memories. It’s time to move ahead of the waters towards the heights and tropical landscapes.

Gravity Adventure Zone operates bungee jumping from a height of 80 feet or 25 meters, one of the lowest jumping heights which makes it the best for first-timers. Plus, it is priced reasonably. Build courage and ponder upon all safety instructions given by the staff at the park before you embark on this expedition.

Location: Gravity Adventure Zone, Anjuna Beach, Goa

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹500

Height Of Bungee Jump: 25 meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Best Time To Visit: October to March

6. Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

The bungee jumping spot in Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh is at a primary stage, but you can still have fun and excitement here. This place also offers various other adventure sports and is becoming popular amongst tourist pan India. The views when you leap are an example of gorgeousness and serenity. Don’t freak out just head out for the lifetime experience in 2020.

Location: Jagdalpur, Chhattisgarh

Cost Per Jump Per Person: ₹300

Height Of Bungee Jump: 30 meters

Minimum Age: 14 years

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Bungee Jumping

Once you have made up your mind to indulge in this thrilling adventure, and selected your spot of bungee jumping in India, let’s note down some important points to remember before your expedition.

  • Look out for trained and experienced professionals for a safer ride and avoid any health hazards.
  • Clear as many doubts and concerns you have about the sport and overcome your fear of heights.
  • Ensure the harness is strong and durable to carry your weight. Check for any signs of wear and tear on the elastic cord or rope. Do not go with persons offering cheap package at the risk of your lives.
  • The bungee jumping spot should be clear of rocky terrain so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  • Ensure that you’re not carrying anything in your pocket during the jump. Keep all your valuables in the locker provided by the company.
  • Do not eat heavy meals before the jump. Keep your booze off the table, you can enjoy them after the breathtaking venture.
  • If you’re suffering from heart or breathing problems don’t attempt this activity. In case of any other chronic disease consult with your doctor and jumping instructors if its safe for you to dive in.
  • Listen to your instructors, they are trained professionals and their advice will help you to perform the activity with ease. And of course, after the completion of the activity, you will be the proud owner of an ‘I did it’ certificate (to boast around) and an exciting memory to cherish lifelong.

Don’t forget to look at the camera and smile!


Have you ever tried bungee jumping in India? Or is it still in your bucket list? Are you still freaking out? Break free of the fear of falling from heights, be sure you’re in safe hands. Plan a trip to any of these amazing places to quench your thirst for adventure. Delhi or Goa or Bangalore the choice is yours. Experience the vibe and tell us about your thrilling experience. Just take a leap of faith!

Which other adventure sports you have tried or are looking forward to this year?

Catch up with us in the comment box below. We would love to hear your stories and remarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I bungee jump in India?

There are these 6 best destinations for bungee jumping in India – Rishikesh, Delhi, Goa, Bangalore, Lonavala, and Jagdalpur. With varying heights, these spots are perfect for beginners as well as expert adventure junkies.

How much does bungee jump cost?

Bungee jumping cost depends on the locale and height of the jump. Typically, the higher the jump, the bigger the cost. Individual bungee jumping may cost from around ₹300-₹3500 per jump. Bridges are considered the easiest starting point for first-timers.

Why is bungee jumping so popular?

Adventure is seeking importance in every individual’s life. There are more and more people who want to experience the adrenaline rush into their veins. The knowledge of risking life to win the game gives that kick and this is what makes bungee jumping popular amongst young and old alike.

Is bungee jumping safe in Rishikesh?

Yes, all safety precautions are taken by the adventure company to offer a safe jump. In general, terms, remember to check if the operator is certified to perform adventure sports and have expertise operate the same. Jumpin Heights is one such company with certified and well-trained staff to take the bungee jumping experience to new heights of fun and safety.

Can you wear contact lenses bungee jumping?

Glasses and hard contact lenses are not allowed during bungee jumping activity.

Who should not bungee jump?

Bungee jumping is not suitable for people suffering from a heart condition, high blood pressure, breathing disorder, diabetes, epilepsy, neurological disorder, or are pregnant.

Should I eat before bungee jump?

Keep your meals light before you go for the jump, but don’t go empty stomach (you might faint or feel dizzy). On the other hand, if you eat a lot, you might spew! Thus, eating the right amount of food to keep you energetic is crucial.

How long does a bungee jump last?

The highest bungee jump in Rishikesh is at a height of 83m where the first freefall lasts for 4-5 seconds. The successive tugs last for lesser spells.

Is there a weight limit for bungee?

The average minimum and maximum weight for bungee jumping is 40kg and 120kg respectively.

What does bungee jumping feel like?

Of course, it feels like a fall, but a fall that freaks your guts out. It gives you a sinking-stomach feeling in a few short seconds. The scare and adventure are all over in 4-5 seconds, and then you recoil and dangle in mid-air until you’re lowered down to the ground (or riverfront depending on your bungee jumping location).