What’s next on your bucket list?? Have you planned your next vacation yet?? If not, here are some breathtaking wildlands you must visit before you die. Your travel bucket list should definitely include some of these indescribable beauties!

Travelling and exploring new places is like achieving the soul of life. It’s a challenge, an opportunity to explore the world, mark some memorable journeys with the most valuable experiences. These incredible travel spots will make you marvel at God’s creation and you’ll say, “Beauty lies in thee!!”

Wildlands You Must Visit In A Lifetime

Værøy Island, Norway

Værøy is an island in Norway (a part of Lofoten Islands). It has a picturesque viewpoint and breathtaking scenic beauty that is awe-worthy! As the warm waters of the Gulf Stream flow around the island, it has pretty mild climatic conditions. It’s a wondrous location having cliffs, mountains, paradise beaches and a cosy township too.

Værøy Island, Norway

Benagil’s Cave, Algarve, Portugal

Portugal’s southernmost regions have a remarkable coastline that is rich in magnificent limestone caves and grottoes. The waves of the tireless Atlantic Ocean collide with the rocks to make erosions worth exploring. The expedition can be a boat tour to the coastline and the Ponta Da Piedade beach is a famous spot there.

wildlands 1

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu, China

Zhangye Danxia Landform Areas or more commonly known as the China Rainbow mountain offer a spectacular sight that developed about 200 million years ago. Yes, these mountain beauties are too hard to be real! This technicolour mountain range will leave you dumbfounded for sure.


Aogashima Island, Japan

Can you believe it? This town is nestled inside an active volcanic site in Japan. Though there has been no eruption for over 230 years since the last one, it’s a challenge to live here. Nevertheless, you see how beautiful this landscape is. The island is known for fishing, hiking, camping and swimming. The town has naturally built saunas due to the volcano, so you may do the cooking in one of those!

Aogashima Island, Japan

Meteora, Greece

Meteora is a place where you’ll find monasteries and temple atop high rise rock formations. The sight is quite mesmerizing so do enjoy the amazing views from Meteora while in Greece. ‘Meteor’ stands for ‘floating in the air’ in Greece and thereby describing amazing features of these pious structures.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Experience the refreshing air, emerald green water and rugged glaciers yourself when you actually visit Lake Louise in Canada. As your itchy feet take you through the lakeside path you can feel that the scenic aura of the wildlands is just for you to enjoy. It’s a hiking and tourist paradise in summer.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

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