Today I am going to share with you my riding experience Mumbai to Lonavala. I was super excited to gear up and make this small trip to one of the best hill stations in Maharashtra. I was going to ride after 3-4 years and the first ride on the Ghats. There are so many places to visit in Lonavala but due to lockdown, many places are closed for tourists currently. However, I have compiled a list of the best places to visit in Lonavala for all wanderlusts like me.

Being a little thrilled and a little nervous I started my journey to the hill-scape early in the morning. Remember to travel light if you’re riding a bike and do wear proper riding gear for long trips. The climate was amazing as I set for my trip – cloudy but not raining.

Surrounded by the majestic Sahayadri Hills covered with green pastures, gleaming lakes, and gushing waterfalls, Lonavala is a Paradise for travelers, especially in the monsoons.

How To Reach Lonavala?

Lonavala lies approximately midway between Mumbai and Pune. You can easily reach the destination by road from Mumbai or Pune. On the journey, you’ll be assured to see some panoramic views. You can hire a private taxi or Ola outstation cab for the trip. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach Lonavala from Mumbai. You can relish some delicious Vada pavs on the way. Alternatively, you can take private buses or local trains to reach Lonavala from Mumbai and Pune.

Best Time To Visit Lonavala

Lonavala is the best hill station you can visit during the monsoons. It gets heavy rains which make the locale very picturesque and you may click some amazing Insta-worthy pictures. The best time to visit Lonavala is from June to September. If you’re not a monsoon lover, plan a trip between October to March for trekking and sightseeing.

Best Places To Visit In Lonavala

Here are some of the best places to visit in Lonavala. Some of them I have visited and others I plan to visit once all the spots are open for tourists and the situation turns safe and normal.

Best Places For Hiking In Lonavala

1. Duke’s Nose

While traveling from Mumbai, this is the first location that grabs my attention. The Duke’s Nose is also known as the Nagphani because its shape resembles a snake’s hood. Located atop the hill is a Mahadev Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Along with breathtaking surroundings, the rocky terrains attract many adventure seekers for sports like rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, and more.

Things to do:

  • Adventure sports
  • Photography
  • Visit the temple

2. Lion’s Point

Also known as the Lonavala Sunset Point, Lion’s Point is a mesmeric location and the most frequently visited viewpoints in this hill station. The place offers stunning sunset views, ideal for photographers and nature lovers. Perched on the cliff, this spot is one of the best places to see in Lonavala at night. Adventure lovers set for hiking trips at night here.

Things to do:

  • Witness panoramic sunset views
  • Camel ride
  • Hiking
  • Photography

3. Tiger’s Leap

This is a prime tourist spot and popular amongst adventure seekers who indulge in hiking and trekking at this location. The Tiger’s leap is at a height of 650 meters above the sea level. The place gets its name because of the cliff that resembles a tiger jumping into the valley. The lush green surroundings, cool breeze, and misty morning make it the best place to visit in Lonavala.

Things to do:

  • Visit the echo point
  • Trekking and hiking
  • Family picnic
  • Photography

4. Rajmachi Fort

This is one of the most popular forts in Lonavala. When you’re looking for things to do in Lonavala, Rajmachi Fort trek is the first to pop your mind. It offers fabulous scenery and rustic surroundings look exuberant during the monsoons. It offers splendid views of the Shirota Dam and the Western Ghats. Hikers, trekkers, and even bikers love this destination in Lonavala in the rainy season.

Things to do:

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Camping
  • Observe exotic birds and butterflies
  • Photography
RAJMACHI Fort Lonavala

5. Visapur Fort

I love to trek in the rain. Check out my vlog for Visapur Fort Trek below. It was a thrilling experience that gave me an adrenaline rush. Visapur is located near the Malavli Railway Station at an elevation of 1084 meters above the sea level. It’s one of the best scenic points in Lonavala and it provides great views of huge carvings of Lord Hanuman. There are multiple temples dedicated to Hanuman here. This ancient fort lies on the same plateau as that of the Lohagad Fort.

Things to do:

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Seeking historical significance
  • Photography

Other popular forts in Lonavala are Tikona and Lohagad Forts.

Beautiful Lakes And Dams In Lonavala

1. Bhushi Dam

Revitalize with the cool splashes of water at Bhushi Dam. Everybody young and old likes to bathe in the rainwater, sit on the steps, and relish some delicious corn on the cobs at the dam. The vivacious running water and rugged terrains attract the crowd here in the rainy season.

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the rain with piping hot tea and corn pakodas
  • Photography

2. Lonavala Lake

Spot different species of birds and animals around the lake in the monsoons. You can enjoy the picturesque view and a good swim in the lake as well. Enjoy the breathtaking views and the cool breeze at the lake.

Things to do:

  • Take a swim
  • Picnic with family and friends
  • Photography

3. Pawna Dam

The Pawna Dam and Lake is one of the most romantic and best places to visit in Lonavala for couples. Enjoy strolls with your beloved and family and cherish moments of serenity when the town is drenched in water.

Things to do:

  • Watersports – parasailing, jet skiing, and boating
  • Hiking
  • Camping
pawna dam camping

Other Places Worth Visiting In Lonavala

1. Waterfalls

Witness the cascading waters at the Kune Waterfalls and Dhudhiware Waterfalls. Kune waterfall is the 14th largest fall in the country. It segregates the valley into two sections creating a quaint look. Dudhiware fall is the best spot for rappelling in the town.

Things to do:

  • Zipline
  • Water rappelling
  • Swimming

2. Karla And Bhaja Caves

Want to explore the oldest caves in India? They do visit the Bhaja and Karla caves. The history of these caves can be dated back to the 5th century BC. These caves decode the teachings of Buddha and have some amazing stupas and carvings of Buddha. For a history buff, this is the best place to visit in Lonavala.

Things to do:

  • Marvel at the architecture
  • Explore history
  • Photography
karla caves

3. Museums

Wax museum in the town displays well-known Indian and international celebrities. This is the fun place in Lonavala to head to for a day’s trip. If you’re looking for a place for kids then visit the Miniature World Museum to see amazing models of airports, cars, homes, etc.

Things to do:

  • Hangout with family and kids
  • Take pictures with celebrity statues

If time permits there are some other places worth visiting in Lonavala. These include Tungarli Lake, Aamby Valley, Bhairavnath Temple, Sausage Hill, Della Adventure Park (skydiving spot in Lonavala),  and Dinosaur Parks.

This gorgeously quaint hill station is one of the finest gateways from Pune and Mumbai. I traveled about a 135 km round trip and it was an exhilarating one. The serenity of the Western Ghats, dams, and lakes will captivate your senses. The scenic spots provide a great opportunity to the photographers and vloggers to thy hands on their skills. Next monsoon (hopefully things will be back to normal by then) rush to explore the lush green-scapes of Lonavala.

What are your favorite activity and must-visit spot here in Lonavala? Drop your comments and travel tips in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lonavala worth visiting?

Lonavala is one of the most famous hill stations in India, especially in the rainy season. From breathtaking views of the dams to trekking the forts, and experiencing thrilling adventure sports to indulging in your favorite cart food there are quite some interesting activities you can do in Lonavala.

Is Lonavala safe in monsoon?

Yes, Lonavala is safe to visit in the monsoons. The trekking trails are not too steep or sloppy here. But, you have to wear proper footwear if you’re planning to hike the rocky terrains in the rain.

Is Lonavala safe at night?

Lonavala is a busy town even in the nights. Thus it’s safe to explore and hike the region in the night. Be vigilant and avoid dim-lit areas to avoid mishaps.

How many days are enough for Lonavala?

You may explore the hill station in one or two days. Plan a trip to explore the major attractions here and stay over in a resort or you can go camping.

What should I buy in Lonavala?

Lonavala is famous for its ‘Chikki’ – a sugary delight made from nuts and jaggery. You will also find delicious fudge and jellies in different flavors in the local shops in Lonavala.