With the rise in demand for health and fitness, many brands have come with new innovations and failed to match the customer wants. Hence we have come up with this article of 5  best inline skates in India which focuses on the top 5 inline skates which are totally suitable for the Indian environment. 

Skating is one of the most treasured outdoor and indoor activities. It is profoundly suggested you skate with quality skating equipment to prevent damages. Choosing the right skates is, nevertheless, a bit difficult and that’s why we’ve evaluated the 5 best inline skates in India. 

Skating increases your coordination, equilibrium, and endurance, among other health and wellness perks. What’s more? skating is a super fun activity that you can share with the entire family.

5 Best Inline Skates in India

Buy quality skating gear, as listed below, and be positive to get the most of what this fascinating sport has in store. Powerful 5 best inline skates available in India you must need to know.

1. Cosco Sprint Roller Skates

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Cosco is a renowned brand in the sports industry. Cosco is one of the best inline skates brands in India. This Cosco roller skate is an excellent model to meet the newcomers and hobbyists. This skate brings satisfaction and comfort into the lives by giving premium class materials to maintain the foot size and does not cause any side-effects.

It is of type imported inline skate and has a breathable shell which gives a cosy feel and also delivers top-class performance. The strong and large-sized wheels arrive with bearings to produce high speed and secure precise turning and flexibility. The aluminium frame allows more exceptional stability to those who skate on roads, skate-paths, etc.

All-together, this is one of the most successful and high-quality roller skates in India. It’s best to use for children above 8 years to allow a stable skating experience. Just like other leading rolling skate brands, it is also available in various colours – blue, red, yellow and sizes to match with the various age group people. 


  • Durable and aluminum frame provides balance for power and stability
  • P.U.Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearing allows low rolling resistant nature.
  • Imported inline type roller skate combines precision power transmission
  • Breathable shell and big wheels provide greater stability and flexibility.
  • Comes in different sizes and colors- blue, red, and yellow.
  • Available in various sizes to match all age groups above 8 years old.


  • Economical
  • Striking appearance
  • Powerful structure
  • Super flexible
  • No sweat design


  • Poor quality inner soles.
  • Min age 8 years old

2. Hoteon Inline Skates 

best inline skates in India - 2

The inline design of this skate heightens the skating speed and thereby increases the lifespan. This product is most suitable to use for kids aged 3-7 years and arrive in different sizes small i.e. 26-32.

They have more racing bearings and the large 80 mm wheels to move swiftly on skate paths, roads and other smooth surfaces. As the children grow up fast, this skate shoe is equipped with a blue button on sides to extend to the appropriate length and straps helps to secure the ankle.

Easy turning wheels and with ABEC 7 bearings support to spin the wheel freely. And the frame, the combined shell gives stability and authority while skating on roads or any other areas. Overall, this is most desirable to use for children i.e. newcomers or new skaters and for those who skate for getting in shape or skating very regularly.


  • Adjustable inline skate shoe to match your child’s’ size.
  • 80 mm smooth-running PU wheels with Led flash for all wheels.
  • Two thicken aluminium alloy holder with ABEC 7 bearings for fast-moving.
  • Available in blue, red, pink colours and suitable for children up to 3-7 years.
  • Durable and longlasting frame built to skate on roads as well. 
  • Has 3D encrypted net with breathable shoe material.
  • These skates used high-quality polyester in plastic parts.


  • Adjustable shoe
  • LED flash for all wheels
  • Durable and flexible
  • Colour options
  • Breathable shoe


  • Skates are not fit for adults

3. Jaspo Sparkle Adjustable

best inline skates in India - 3

Jaspo is the best professional inline skates brands in India. Spending less does not always mean getting less. The performance of Jaspo roller skate is solid and meets with the fundamentals of children by supporting both indoors and outdoors skating. 

Toe stopper provides control and the 60 mm high-speed ball bearings is incorporated in an anti-skid vinyl wheel to provide smooth and proficient moments while skating. You can also adjust the size of the roller skate to match with the children foot size.

This amazing product is available in Blue colour and weighs about 2.30 Kg which makes slightly difficult to play with. These skates are suitable for children aged 6-14 years and come with a storage bag. Due to all these qualities, these skates bags in the 3rd position in our list of best inline skates in India.


  • Lightweight aluminium frame with premium stopper
  • Durable 77 mm PU wheels with high-quality ABEC-7 bearings.
  • These are the cheapest roller skate in India.
  • Triple protection laces with 45° Strap and high-strength buckle.
  • Suitable for children 6-14 years and provides safe ankle support.
  • Padded liner and tongue cushions are made of breathable foam.


  • Storage bag 
  • Neon lights in wheels
  • Durable and flexible
  • Triple protection


  • Heavily weighted skates.

4. Kamachi Adjustable Aluminium

best inline skates in India - 4

Next up we must add the skates from Kamachi as this is one of the high-quality skates. This one comes across as one of the best ones around and is packed with exciting details. It is absolutely one of the options that you should go for without hesitating and thus makes it in our list of best inline skates in India.

This stakes features an adaptable inline skate and has a soft boot support system that provides for a triple cam level based buckle for a secure fit. It also has a push-button adjustment system that allows for a comfort fit padding. These skates are lightweight padding and are perfect for kids, juniors, and beginners. It also has a reinforced polymer frame that allows for a reliable option and long term durability. These ones also have a soft based inner lining that helps to prevent any of the blisters and tight spots. And it also helps to control the under-padded areas.


  • Adjustable inline skates
  • Soft boot support system
  • Triple cam level based buckle
  • Comfort fit padding
  • Reinforced polymer frame
  • The soft based inner lining


  • Adjustable
  • Comfy boots
  • Breathable padding
  • Sturdy frame
  • Soft inner linings


  • Not many colour options

5. Diswa Adjustable Aluminium Inline Skates

best inline skates in India - 5

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Along with excellent quality skates, Diswa provides a protection combo for your children. It is the lightest and very easy to equip skates hence these one glide 5th in our list of best inline skates in India. Adjustability is one of the key features of these skates. With PU wheels and LED flashlight for the first wheel, this skates checks the column of durability and attractiveness.

Your child can easily wear them and can roll around in the house and have fun. The wheel holders are made up of 2 thickened aluminium alloy holder whereas the body is made up of high-quality material. These skates are good for kids 12yrs and above. You will get 1 Inline Skates, 1 Helmet and 1 Skating Guard Kit along with this purchase. 


  • PU (Polyurethane) wheels with Led flash for first wheels.
  • Wheel Holder made up of two thicken aluminium alloy metal.
  • High-quality body inline skates combo.
  • Skates for kids age group 12 and above
  • In-box contents: 1 inline skate x 1 helmet x 1 skating guard kit
  • Comes in attractive blue and red colours.


  • Easy to wear
  • Lightweight
  • Safe and durable


  • Not for below 12yrs old

Which skates are better for beginners?

The truth is BOTH types of skates – inlines and quad roller skates – are hard at first as they require balance, core strength and leg strength. Over time and with practice you will build up these muscles and that will make any skating a lot easier.

We often find that if you skated on inlines as a kid then you will find inlines easier to learn on as an adult and vice versa for quad roller skates.

If you’re still uncertain and you’ve never tried inlines before then travel to your local roller rink and try on both types.  Then you can choose which skates are most natural for you.

 inline skates in India

What to look for when buying skates?

There are quite a few factors that need to be taken into consideration while going for a roller skate. we here will look into it in detail and will brief them about it.

1. Type of Roller Skates

There are mainly 2 types of roller skates that come along. Here we will explain both of them below.

Quad skates

Quad skates are the one that features 4 wheels in the form of 2 in the front and the 2 in the backside.

Inline skates

Inline skates come around with 4 to 5 wheels and are placed in a single line. 

2. Size of the roller skates

Often roller skates come with regular shoe sizes and have a size modification possible from a child to an adult. Always go for one size larger for your child as the kid may outgrow the show fast.

3. Boot

Boots that you wear on should always balance along with the frame of it. This will avoid any pain for children and they can easily glide with the roller skate.

4. Frame

The roller skate frame has a base that provides support to the wheels and the shoes. This frame is what allows for the binding of the two to helps provide them with wheels and shoes. They are made along with aluminium materials that have a longer lifespan and greater manoeuvrability.

5. Bearings

Bearings allow for smoother control and glide in skating. Always go for a high-quality based roller skate with good bearings and durability. It will also help to give better traction.

6. Wheels

Roller skates have a pair of wheels that help to keep them in the upright position. Look for the hardness of the wheels and the way they behave on the skating surface. 

7. Design aspect

Roller skates have another thing in common which allows them to attractive. The design aspect allows for colour combinations and more that will entice you.

8. Price and warranty

Always scan for a fair price deal and if you have a budget then stick to it so that you can find a good piece to have for. Normally the warranty comes around in 6 to 24 months timeline. Look for the genuine warranty factor in the skates so that you can be on the right side.

inline skates in India

Which skates are best for outdoors?

Instead of surfing over the types of skates for outdoors, the answer lies in the wheels of skates, The skates with softer wheels are best suited for the outdoor-based ones while the harder ones are suited for slippery and indoor surfaces.

What are the different types of inline skates?

Here are most common types of in-line skates:

1. Fitness skates

  • Most common type. 
  • Fit for recreational purpose and fitness skating on cycle tracks.


Comfort, weight, ventilation, price friendly, a wide range of selection.


Soft boot, the worse transformation of energy to rebound, slower response, user quality of frame and wheels

2. Freestyle skates

  • Primarily made for the trick ride (dance, jumps, backside, tricks, slalom, free jump etc.) 
  • Typical attributes are hard shell, short and solid frame, small wheels.


Nimbleness, support, response, transfer of energy, universal use, resistance, acceleration, the longevity of components.


Higher weight, worse ventilation, lower speed, lower comfort.

3. Aggressive skates

  • Heavy skates for jumps, rails, ramps, skateparks etc.


Resistance, absorbing, stability.


Speed, weight, ventilation.

4. Speed skates

  • Low, solid skates with a firm long frame
  • Big wheels for fast ride and racing.
  • Everything is subordinated to maximum speed.


Speed, firm, transfer of energy, response, weight, quality


Comfort, nimbleness, experience needed, unilateral use

5. Semi-race skates

  • Skates which are on the borders speed and fitness category. 
  • Suitable for long tracks and fast ride. 
  • Mid-level chimney, usually solid boot and big wheels.


Fast, firmness, transfer of energy, response, quality, inertia


Nimbleness, lower comfort, higher price, worse acceleration

6. Trekking skates

  • Skates with two lines of wheels. 
  • Turning is based on skateboard frames. 
  • Skates are primarily used for recreational skating, roller dance, jam skating or roller derby.


Nimbleness, a different type of skating, stability


Weight, speed, comfort, range of choice, availability of spare parts

7. Nordic/off-road/terrain skates

  • Skates with inflatable wheels and long frame. 
  • Partly simulate cross-country skiing. 
  • Suitable outside the cycle tracks and for worse surfaces. 
  • Skates are used with poles similar to cross-country skiing.


Skating on different types of surfaced, arm exercise, cross-country skiing simulation


Weight, speed, nimbleness, price

8. Hockey inline skates

  • Traditional Canadian boot with inline frame. 
  • Skates have usually different wheels (rocking) to stimulate ice hockey skating. 
  • Fit for in-line hockey skating including fitness too.


Nimbleness, solid, acceleration


Speed, comfort, ventilation.

Which skates are easier?

While it’s true that roller skates have a wider base of stability, the roller skate plate itself is fairly short and extends from just under the toe to the heel. When you’re learning to skate in quad roller skates it is important to separate your feet which can be difficult for children, especially when they have such little legs! In comparison, inline skates have a longer frame that usually extends past the toes and behind the heel.

While many people expect quad roller skates to be easier to learn than inline skates (or roller blades as they are commonly known), the truth is that many children and adults find inlines to be very easy.

So how did you find our article on best inline skates in india. Do comment and let us know.