Amsterdam, the underrated European spot as compared to Paris and London. But Amsterdam has it’s own charm with incredible architecture, beautiful canals and an astounding arts scene. An entire trip to this vibrant place is a must instead of doing an Europe package trip where you don’t get time to truly enjoy your travel.

Amsterdam is gorgeous with it’s beautiful landscape coupled with bicycle travel. The cheapest stay would be AirBNB. Try to find an AirBNB near the canals for a perfect stay here.

Places You Must Visit In Amsterdam

Museum Van Loon

museums in Amsterdam

All the art connoisseurs, clap your hands for this one! The museum is owned by the Van Loon family. It gives a unique glimpse delving into the style and history of aristocratic Dutch residents. And it far lesser crowd compared to Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, so you can enjoy the art at your pace 🙂


Museums in Amsterdam

This is a HUGE museum and you need at least a few hours to soak in all the grandeur of this place! It proudly showcases Dutch art by Vermeer, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. A must visit place for all the art lovers. Netherland’s national museum hosts a library too. The library is one of the largest art history libraries in the world! The splendor and enormity of this library will leave every bibliophile breathless!

Some Canals And Bridges In Amsterdam:

Canal Tours

Canals and bridges in amsterdam

Your Europe trip can never be complete until you take a canal tour. Amsterdam is known for it’s scenic canal tours away from the hustle and bustle of Italy. Amsterdam has a web of canals, giving you an insight into the city. Canal tours regularly depart from various central landmarks (such as Anne Frank Huis or the Red Light District). Depending on the weather you can choose an open-air boat or a luxurious tour that serves dinner and drinks. It doesn’t matter what boat you choose, the sunset which you will experience will be beyond amazing!

Canal of Seven Bridges

The bridge scene which we see in every Bollywood movie shot in Amsterdam! Visit this spot at dusk to blend into the lights on all seven canal bridges. That romantic glow all over the place – Ah! Heart blossom! Don’t miss having dinner at the nearby bruin cafés.

Let’s take a look at the parks :


Parks in Amsterdam

The Vondelpark is an expansive park just south of Rijksmuseum. It is famously known as the the ‘Central Park’ of Amsterdam! Pack a nice picnic lunch and relax in a quite spot in Vondelpark. The park is a nest of nature with widespread gardens, lawns and ponds.

Anne Frank Huis

Annie Frank In Amsterdam

To all the fans of Anne Frank, this place is like a holy shrine. Anne Frank’s house where she lived during the World War II. It is now an empty series of rooms where Anne Frank and her family hid during the Nazi invasion. It is also the place where she wrote her red diary. It is a heart numbing experience of a young girl’s heartache with a tinge of hopeful nature that resonates with everyone who passes through.

So when are you planning your trip to Amsterdam? Make sure to let us know which was your favorite spot 🙂

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